Danubian League against Thrombosis and Haemorrhagic Disorders

The DLTH was founded in 1983 with the official seat in Linz, Austria. In 2001 the official seat of the Society was moved from Linz to Vienna. The DLTH was created by ˇprof. Helmut Vinazzer when he realized the scientific and humanitarian problems the scientist in the Eastern former communictic countries encountered behind the iron fence what became his major interest. His aim was to allow scientists from communistic countries to meet and exchange knowledge with colleagues from all around the world in Austria, considered at that time as a neutral place. He organized equipment, travelling grants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and money, sometimes to a large extent also from his own privete resources.The climate of friendsip without borders across borders he created was unique.

Danubian League against Thrombosis and Haemorrhagic Disorders (DLTH) is organization that gathers group of scientists dedicated to research, education and improvement of the lives of those who suffer with diseases and disorders of thrombosis, hemostasis and their underlying vascular biology. In particular, DLTH is focused to intensify the contract among the countries along the Danube River.

Nineteen international meetings of the DLTH were organized in Danubian countriess as well as in Russia, Turkey and Italy with avarage number of 150-200 participants. The first Secretary General of the DLTH was prof. Helmut Vinazzer who was actively involved in organization of the first twelve DLTH meetings. First Symposium of the Danubian League against Thrombotic and Haemorrhagic Disorders 1979 in Linz. His successor as Secretary General, prof. Helmut Sinzinger from Viena,  was acting with great enthusiasm with a mission to continue the work on the League’s future and fortune. In Belgrade 2009 an outstanding DLTH meeting was organized with a huge participation and really opening a new avenue for the society. After Belgrade meeting, mainly due to the efforts of the third Secretary General dr Danijela Mikovic the DLTH has started strengthening again in accordance with the original idea of prof. Helmut Vinazzer. The last meeting in Skopje  was very successful and participant and guest speakers were from many different countries from the Danubain region and all over the world.

With support of honorary presidents prof. Aleksandra Lucic, prof, Peter Kubisz and Prof. Helmut Sinzinger as well as national representatives from fiveteen countries, who from their different positions shared the enthusiasm and ideas, DLTH continues to be highly beneficial not only for the scientific exchange but also in terms of personal contacts and future cooperation.