Polish Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine

The Department of Haematology of the University of Medinice in Łodz, 93-510 Łódź, ul. Ciołkowskiego 2

tel. (42) 6895191  fax. (42) 6895192

prof. dr hab. n. med. Tadeusz Robak (Łódź)

Acta Polonica Haematologica is the official journal of the Polish Society of Haematology and Transfusiology, which has published by the Society since 1970. Journal publishes the original experimental work, case studies and review papers and educational articles. The subject of papers published in Acta Polonica Haematologica covers issues of physiology and pathology in haematology and transfusion medicine. It focuses leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, immune mechanisms of haemostasis and clinical aspects proliferative haematological diseases.

The Society is a voluntary association, registered, operating under the provisions of the law on associations, and in this respect has legal personality.

The  activity of the Society is based on the social work of its members and membership fees, donations and foundations.

The aim of the Society is to join all haematologists and experts in transfusiology in Poland, inspire and coordinate training activities and research for the development of Polish haematology and transfusiology and to represent this branch of medical knowledge in Poland and abroad.

These objectives the Society realizes by:

  • organizing national scientific conferences, symposia, or monothematic conferences and scientific training, as well as regional scientific meetings attended by haematologists and experts in transfusiology from Poland and abroad, and creating all sorts of committees, commissions for research and training
  • the establishment of new regional offices to develop and intensify their operations research, training and information
  • delegates participate at scientific meetings in the country and abroad
  • ensures the training of members of the Society in the centers in Poland and abroad

More about the Society and its working groups can be found at the website http://pthit.pl/