Françoise Dignat-George

Françoise Dignat-George is the head of the Hematology and vascular department of Conception Hospital in Marseille. From 2004 to 2018 , she has been the director of an INSERM unit of about 50 persons entirely dedicated to vascular biology and since 2018 , she is the deputy director of the Cardiovascular and Nutrition Center ( C2VN) of Aix Marseille University, merging about 190 persons. Since 1985, she has developed an expertise on Vascular Biology, Hemostasis and thrombosis , with a great interest in Patient oriented/translational applications. Her scientific activities in the field are illustrated by more than 400 publications and 12 patents, related on the mechanisms of endothelial lesion and regeneration, the role of microvesicles in vascular homeostasis and the translation of these knowledge to the development of innovative biomarkers and new targets to improve early prevention, diagnostic and therapy of vascular disorders.

Together with Jean Marie Freyssinet, she has set up the ISTH Scientific Subcommittee on Vascular Biology that she served until 2015. She has been awarded the French “Légion d’Honneur” as well as a scientific distinction such as John Ugelstat Award, The Foundation pour la Recherche Medicale Award and le Grand Prix de l’Académie de Pharmacie.