Roberta Gualtierotti

Prof. Roberta Gualtierotti is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Milan and Internal Medicine consultant at the Angelo Bianchi Bonomi Haemophilia and Thrombosis Center, directed by Prof. Flora Peyvandi. 

She is specialised in Rheumatology and she earned her PhD in Experimental Pathology and Neuropathology from the University of Milan.

Prof. Gualtierotti’s research focuses on various aspects of inflammation and hemostasis, on the underlying mechanisms leading to the development and progression of hemophilic arthropathy, and the process of digitalization in medicine for the early detection of joint involvement in hemophilia. 

She serves as a panel member for the international society on thrombosis and hemostasis (ISTH) Hemophilia guidelines. Additionally, she is a member of the musculoskeletal study group of associazione italiana centri emofilia (AICE). Prof. Gualtierotti is actively involved in promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities as a representative within the gender equality network at both the University and the Hospital she is affiliated with.