Robert Ariëns

Robert Ariëns is a Professor of Vascular Biology at the University of Leeds, UK. Ariëns obtained a BSc in Biology from the University of Utrecht in 1990, and a PhD from the University of Maastricht in 1997. He was President of the British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis (2016-2018), President of the International Fibrinogen Research Society (2014-2018) and Head of the Discovery and Translational Science Department 2018-2021. He was elected to ISTH Council, Class 2026, and was Vice-President of the ISTH 2022 London Congress. Research of the Ariëns laboratory has a strong focus on mechanisms in thrombosis and haemostasis, with a particular interest in clot structure and function. He has published extensively in influential journals including Lancet, PNAS, JCI, Blood, ATVB, Circulation and JTH. He has mentored many early career scientists in the field.