Gordon Lowe

Gordon Lowe graduated MB,ChB with honours and gold medal from the University of St Andrews in 1972. He trained in general medicine with an interest in haemostasis, thrombosis and vascular diseases in the University Department of Medicine, Glasgow Royal Infirmary from 1974; and graduated MD (Dundee) with commendation in 1984.  He was appointed Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow and Consultant Physician in 1985; and from 1987 was Co-Director of the West of Scotland Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre, and Director of the University’s Haemostasis and Thrombosis Research Laboratory, with a focus on epidemiology and clinical trials. In 1993 he was appointed Professor of Vascular Medicine. He was President, BSHT 1990-1; Co-Chair of the ISTH Subcommittee on Predictive and Diagnostic Variables in Thrombotic Diseases; Vice-President, ISTH 2001-3; and Chair, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) 2002-7. He graduated DSc (Glasgow) in 2007; and received an ISTH Investigator Recognition Award in 2009. Retiring that year, he developed his interests in medical history, music and railways.