Andreas Greinacher

Andreas Greinacher received his M.D. from the Universities of Aachen and W├╝rzburg, Germany. He specialized for transfusion medicine, immuno hematology and clinical immunology at the University Giessen, Germany. Since 1994 he is head of the department of transfusion medicine at the Universit├Ątsmedizin Greifswald were he helds a full professorship in transfusion medicine.
His major areas of research interest are hereditary and immune mediated thrombocytopenias, especially heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and the application of nanotechnologies and biophysical methods to understand the molecular mechanisms of antigenicity of endogenous proteins. He has published more than 400 papers on these topics and contributed to many textbooks in thrombosis and hemostasis. He is a member of the platelet immunology SSC, the platelet physiology SSC, and the perioperative hemostasis management SSC, and served as a member of the ISTH Council (2010-2016)