Valencia, Spain

Located on the south-eastern coast of Spain, Valencia is known for its magnificent and futuristic infrastructure, rich culture and gastronomy and beautiful weather. With an international airport and high-speed trains, connecting it to the capital, the city offers an excellent transportation system for visitor from every major European hub and beyond. The Mediterranean city is pronounced the 2024 European Green Capital, as well as the healthiest city in the world.

Valencia is a breath taking destination, that leaves an impression of modernity, familiarity and a feeling of belonging in every visitor. Therefore, we believe that we have chosen the perfect location for this year’s ECTH Congress and we are eager for you to be joining us on this journey!

Valencia Conference Centre

The Valencia Conference Centre, “Palacio de Congresos de Valencia”, is situated in a spectacular, yet functional building, an architectural treasure, created by Norman Foster. The centre is located just minutes away from the airport and Valencia city center, as well as next to comfortable and easy to reach transportation. The building is surrounded by a perfect fusion of urban meets nature, thus creating a pleasant and aesthetic ambiance.

With three auditoriums, multiple multi-functional and versatile rooms, as well as outdoor gardens, all spread on two floors, the Valencia Conference Centre is the perfect spot for organization of events, including the 5th edition of the ECTH Congress 2023.

With innovative and up to date technology, alongside modern equipment and contemporary interior, the centre provides for an opportunity for a congress that not only has the aim of educating, spreading awareness and disseminating, but also creates a unique experience and unforgettable memories.